Project ARI


Ari is an 18 year old. She came back from a trip to England when she was 13 and she did not feel very well.

Ari_Projecte-ARI At the hospital she was diagnosed leukemia and ever since then her life changed. Long stays at the hospital sometimes isolated, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and transplants have been part of her daily life.

Now that she has reached the age of majority, Ari continues the treatment she started at Sant Joan de Déu (Children’s Hospital), with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona team.

Ari and her background are a clear example of joy and perseverance towards adversity. As a team they fight leukemia day after day and know from first hand the reality of this illness.

Ari, along with her friends and class mates Clara and María decide to do their final Baccalaurete project about the organization of a charity concert.

In May 2015, whilst the development of the concert was in process, Ari relapses on her illness and the girls decide they would address the raised funds to improve daily life of leukemia patients.

Thanks to the insistence of Ari’s family and the organizations who have joined the cause the project «Concert Solidari» becomes real.


Raised funds are intended to an account beloging Hospital Clínic to start up Project ARI that brings forward 2 lines of action:

INTENSIVE CARE                                RESEARCH

Instituto de Enfermedades Hematológicas y Oncológicas  (ICMHO) atHospital Clínic de Barcelona is a national and international reference within Leukemia treatment and research.